About Us

Why We are Different

We at Disha Computer Education believe in transition. Its a transition of the student from a youth to a responsible professional, ready to face the challenges and be a compulsive winner. We also believe in dedication, diligence, discipline, regularity and all that is very quintessence of the best to make you a human being so that humanity can be proud of you. These qualities help students in growth of their career and help them to succeed in life.

We are here for your professional growth and making you successfull in your life. We have leaders with us and we believe in creating leaders.

Why Choose Us

Disha Computer Education offers a full range of IT-oriented professional courses for corporates as well as individuals, Each course is provided by a team of dedicated and highly trained IT professionals. We have the most hi-tech infrastructure with over hundred of systems to work on.

What You Get

Disha Computer Education value your money and time. Focusing on right knowledge and making them to implement will lead you in perfection. We provide basic training for every course, so that students can learn different software and tools which help them to clear their basic concepts.

Meet The Energy

Everyday is a new challenge. At Disha Computer Education we make some challenging and promising enviroment for every student. So that they can learn how to work in challenging enviroment. We prepare them for fututre which will help them to beat the even tuffest competetion of life.



Prabhat Pandey


Man of vision, Man of Dreams. An Entrepreneur who alwayd lead his team from front and also has been there at back to support.


Anurag Tripathi

Center Manager , Coordinator

Man known for his dedication. A helping hand, who harmonize the staff, Resolve students and staff problems.


Neha Pandey

Teaching and Management

A lady of knowledge, Teaches the CCC, CCC+, DCA, ADCA courses, Manages the teaching staff and support the student to resolve their problems.


Shivam Gaur

Teacher (Expert in O-Level)

Man who will be always there with students, to support and help them,Also have expertise in O-Level.


Ruchi Soni


A passionate lady who lead at front to solve student queries. A counsellor to help you in choosing the best course for you.


Deepak Mishra

Teacher & Hardware Managment.

Man who is all rounder, Teach O Level Student, CCC, BCC, DCA, ADCA student and also manages Hardware Maintenance.


So what are you waiting for. Fill the form and enroll with us and take a first step to your career.
But still if you can't decide you can reach us for more clarifications.